Tic-Tac-Toe with Angular 6 and Firebase – Part 6 – Join Game


In this short article I will add the ability for a user to join a game given a game ID.  In the previous Tic-Tac-Toe article I added the ability for a user to create a new game.  At this point these are basic features, and future development will be needed to build them up more.  In this post I will also add an initial game-board on the dashboard.


To manage the visualization of the game-board I created a new component, game-board.component.ts using the Angular CLI.  For a quick and dirty board I added 9 Bootstrap buttons in a grid and bound them to a play() method.  The text in the button will be the current state of that board location (i.e. “X” or “O”).

Here is the playPiece() method added to the games service.

playPiece(pos: number, piece: string): Promise {
    return new Promise((res, rej) => {
      this.getBoard().then(o1 => {
        this.getGame().then(o2 => {
          let newBoard = o1;
          newBoard[pos] = piece;

Join a Game

To join a game the user needs to provide the game ID.  I added a new Join Game button with a text field.  The joinGame() method added to the game service simply writes the game ID to the users space in the database.  I am also writing the users’ ID to a turn object inside the game object in the database, to indicate whose turn it is.

  joinGame(id: string) {
    const uid = this.auth.getUserId();
      game: id



In this post I added an initial attempt at displaying/interacting with a game-board and a join game option.  All the source code up to this point can be found on GitHub.

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