Tic-Tac-Toe with Angular 6 and Firebase – Part 4 – Logout


In this short article I will add the logout feature to the tic-tac-toe Angular/Firebase application.  Once the user authenticates, I will also automatically route the user to the dashboard.  In the previous post, I added routing and a route-guard.

Route to Dashboard on Login

A simple change to the login component will allow the user to land in the dashboard upon successfully login.  The login component will now depend on the router (as a constructor parameter).  I updated the successful path of the signInWithEmail method of our auth service to route to the dashboard.

signInWithEmail() {
   this.auth.signInWithEmail(this.email, this.password)
      .then(u => this.router.navigate(["dashboard"]))
      .catch(err => console.log(err));


I added a logout button to the dashboard.  I added a method to AuthService  called signOut which wraps the Firebase authentication service call signOut. The dashboard will now depend on the AuthService.

After logging out the dashboard component will route the user back to the login screen.


As in previous posts, the code snippets are not exhaustive, but the full source up to this point can be found here.

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